History of Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking as the name implies is a sport that has to do with the riding of bikes on rough surfaces and terrains.

However, the bikes that are used are not the regular ones used for normal day to day activities.

They have usually termed mountain bikes, and they are built in such a way that they can survive rough terrains where they are needed.

However, mountain bikes do not have specific features that differentiate them from another bike, but their features are such that they can meet the required standard.

There exist various categories of mountain biking, and they include trail riding, downhill, dirt jumping, freeriding and mountain riding itself.

But these days, mountain biking majorly falls under trail and cross country riding. The biking can also be done in secluded areas with extreme attributes like deserts.

The modern era that is known for any mountain biking was as far back as 1970. But it officially became an Olympic sport in 1996 and has been ever present since then.

The sport isn’t limited to any gender and can be practiced by all.

In truth, mountain biking is one of the most technical, dangerous and scariest sport that exists today. some viewers cannot even stand the sight of professional maneuvering their way through various obstacles.

Mountain biking requires a lot of strength, energy, and biking skills that have to do with body balance and handling.

These listed requirements are also different for the various categories that exist for mountain biking in the sense that a trail rider may not possess the required skillset for freeriding.

Professional in the game make use of equipment like glasses, which are not really distinct from those used by other normal cycles.

The main aim is to help keep their eyes safe from debris and particles which is inevitable in this sport.

Although these days, there is an upgrade on the type of glasses that are used in past years where the bikers were still susceptible to eye injuries.

Filtered lenses are now utilized and also according to weather variations. For cloudy days, yellow ones are used, and for sunny days the lenses are shaded to deflect the sun and make the bikers have more visibility.

Back when it started, canvas and random footwear are worn, as long as it could offer considerable protection to the leg against injury.

These days, the shoes are made such that their underneath can grip the rough surfaces very well, and this will help to maintain balance should in case a biker is tripping over.

Other equipment includes helmets, pads, and protective gears to be won on elbows knees and delicate body parts, armored suits can also be utilized depending on the category of mountain biking and how dangerous it seems to be

Mountain bikers are also versatile human beings right from past days, and they are capable of taking care of themselves should the need arise at any point in time whatsoever, they move around with first aid kits, and also instruments that they can use to repair the bikes should in case a fault comes up.

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