How to clean a Bike Chain with Household Products

A bike’s chain is an integral part of a bike, which is responsible for the transmission of the energy which is generated from pedaling to the wheels.

If the chain of your bike is not well maintained, it would definitely affect the energy transfer, making it less efficient than it should be.

This would, in turn, affect your ride and stress you even more.

So, in order to avoid this, you have to ensure that your chain is well maintained.

When you have the necessary products in place, and the needed basic technical expertise, you would have the bike’s chain cleaned up in no time.

The first step to cleaning your bike chain is to place it on a bike stand. Placing it on the stand would make your work easier and faster.

Also, it would enable you to inspect as you proceed with cleaning. If you want to carry out any maintenance, it is necessary to always use a bike stand.

Having a good view of your bike’s chain is essential, and this can be achieved when it is on a platform which would afford you a good chance of comfortability, inspection, and clean-up.

The next step would be to check the bike’s chain. If it is extremely dirty and dusty, then a good clean-up is definitely what your bike needs.

Those who cycle regularly, are advised to carry out a clean-up on their bike every week.

However, it could be more frequent, depending on the distance and the conditions under which the bike is used.

In making the choice on the right household product to use in cleaning the chain of your bike, you need to be careful, in order to ensure that the product being used, does not have any detrimental effect on your bike’s chain.

Kerosene can be used in cleaning your bike’s chain, as it does a good function of decreasing. However, the odor might be unpleasant.

The oil which is in the links would be removed if Kerosene is used.

In addition to this, you can also use metal cleaner; the white spirit variety.

This cleaner is very efficient in cleaning a bike’s chain, which is not extremely dirty.

This implies that a small amount is needed to clean a chain which is moderately dirty.

The edge which this cleaner has over Kerosene is, it has a fairly low odor.

You can also use a solvent, possibly a citrus degreaser, which is a natural product.

It contains no phosphates, and it leaves a deposit on the essential parts of the chain, which would make the chain clean, and prepared for lubrication.

When you check the chain of your bike repeatedly, you can be sure that the lifespan of the chain would be maintained, as the chain-rings would be protected from damage.

To make sure that your ride is effortless and thrilling alongside, you need to ensure that the chain of your bike, is well maintained.

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