How to Ride a Road Bike for The First Time

Doing anything for the first time might tend to be a little bit scary, and riding a road bike is not an exception to this.

One thing you have to do first is being patient with yourself, and realize that you cannot become a professional at it overnight.

Also, make sure that you take your time to learn how to ride in less busy areas; like an empty street or your compound if you have a large one.

Be that as it may, for easy understanding, the explanations are going to be sequential and in form of subheading.

Getting Started

The first thing you have to make sure of is finding a very suitable bike that fits your size perfectly and is also right for you.

Road bikes are mostly lightweight, so you would not have to worry about the ease of navigation. furthermore, every biker has a need for biking, either for fun and relaxation purpose, for workout exercise purpose, for transportation, or commuting etc.

You have to know what you aim to achieve with your bike, then find a suitable bike to meet this purpose.

After getting the bike, the first thing to do is setting the saddle height.

The general rule about saddle height when it has to do with road cycling is that it must be leveled with the rider’s hip when standing next to the bike.

Another very effective way to set the saddle height is to keep the pedal straight and rest heel on it.

So doing, rider’s leg must in a straight form, and the pedal should be easily reached without having to rock hips.

A way to go about this as a first timer is the use of flat pedals, as this would prevent the restriction of feet.

Setting Up the Bike

It is imperative that you know how to set the bike for yourself, and it only gets better with time.

At first, you might be trying to remember the procedures, but over time it becomes instinctive and spontaneous.

However, what you have to do once the saddle is adjusted, is to the pedals, take control of the brakes, and lean into the bike to push it forward.

What to do in Motion

As earlier said, it would be very easy for you as a first timer to avoid a lot of complications, and that is why you have to avoid traffic as much as possible and make use of empty roads.

Make sure that you are very comfortable with the environment, and it is one that you are familiar with.

You have to know how to use the brake to maximum effect, as it is one of the most important bike features.

Make sure that your brake as soon as you come up against an obstacle and at every turn that you take. Look forward at all times and assess obstacles in the line of your movement.

Practice makes perfection, and once all of these is being done over and over again, then you will be able to ride on the busiest roads and traffics.

Although, you have to make sure that you familiarize yourself with the traffic signs before doing so.

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