Mountain Bike Vs Road Bike

For a new rider, there could be the difficulty of choosing the best kind of bike to work with.

There are several reasons that influence the choice of bike that you can choose, and the most important one has to be why you really need a bike.

It could be for a work out purpose, for transportation purpose, or for sporting purpose.

It is imperative to know which bike will best suit your purpose, either a road bike or a mountain bike. That being said, in we will be analyzing and comparing both bike types in this guide, and this will definitely enable you to make the right choice.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are solely for riding on road surfaces, where they can be as effective and swift as possible. Toy this effect, they are designed in such a way that they are lightweight with their frames and tires that are somewhat skinny.

However, their designs do not mean that they are fragile, as manufacturers have managed to find the balance between the speed, as well as the durability.

They are all about optimum speed, and they can be used to embark on long journeys. So if you need a bike for the purpose of transportation, or you are involved in delivery businesses, road bikes could be the best net for you.

On the flipside, you have to take cognizance of the road on which you will ride the bike. Too many potholes can tend to affect the tires, and also, it may not be advisable for you to carry too many luggage with this kind of bikes.

So in a nutshell, the advantages of using road bikes are its speed, its efficiency, the easy to handle it as well as the fun derived in handling it.

The cons are that it is quite susceptible to damage when not managed effectively, it may not be very comfortable for casual riders, and it could be easily targeted by thieves, based on the fact that it is lightweight, therefore very easy to carry.

Mountain Bikes

This is the most rugged types of bikes out there.

Although they are called mountain bikes, this does not necessarily mean that they can only be used on the mountain, as it is only to prove how hardy they can be.

They are built in such a way that they can be used on the toughest of terrains, an attribute to which is related to their feature of aggressive knobby tires.

These tires are such that they can grip any floor surface that they are made to ride on.

They possess breaks and gears that are powerful enough to ride on the steepest terrains, regardless of the gradients. They can be used for heavy luggage transportation, as well as sporting purposes.

Their advantages compared to road bikes are that they can be very versatile, a d used for various activities, as they are very tough and upright. However, they could be slow, heavy and very difficult to handle.

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